About OW OM


sounds like a painful joy to me

a chore of enchantment

the thorn floating in the lungs taking in a solid deep breadth


OW OM was set up as an attempt to alleviate the build up of too many old records here needing re release that are cluttering up the premises and also a way to drive any current crop to market

and in doing so, the handing over to any uninformed ear, a portion of exemplmentry lobe stuffings hither to unheard of prior

out in the field, or being left out standing in the field, or just way out there in left field, my particular character tends to garnish many a disc of future recording artists to be cherished by actual people not yet born

because this is exactly the way my first record ever got made, me handing over my crumpled cassette to a one joe nick patowski (then manager of a one joe king carasco), i have remained open to such advent of occurrence

however, due to the curve of existence over my collection of years in it, i have become less available due to domestic rigors and time restraints imposed by duly daily diligence


i do not get to listen to as much as i used to, and sometimes none at all … many times the compositions collected decompose by scratch and loss before any listening experience can be ever had … like destiny’s dustbin

i know its mostly good luck though

the 2 most notable ‘demo’ tape/cds i had been able to facilitate in the past were by the likes of eventual notables; grandaddy and m. ward

seeing these two arcs of artistry get so celebrated in the aftermath of said finding is of rare pleasure and medicinal satisfaction


there’s still the aim to deliver the goods when events line up accordingly

however whenever and whomever

thus is the current creedo in the land of ow om

but what we can handle is far less than what we can actually handle

our ears are bigger than our bellies

still … its worth giving it a shot

the end

-howe gelb