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GIANT SAND – Backyard Barbeque Broadcast

1995 | Year of Original Release

Giant Sand - Backyard Barbeque Broadcast

“Originally released in 1995”

1. BBQ Suite: World Stands Still – Good And Gone – I Wish You Love – Romance Of Falling – Seashells
2. Mope-A-Long
3. Lean
4. Get To Leave
5. Lester Lampshade
6. Blue Waltz Reprise
7. Yer Ropes (New Bonus Track)

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Recording Info

Produced By Nicholas Hill & Some Sand
1,4,5 & 7 – The Music Faucet #326 July 17, 1994 behind WFMU’s big old house.
2,3 & 6 – The Music Faucet #344 April 23, 1995 inside the palatial studios of WFMU. East Orange, NJ
Engineered By Irene Trudell
Editing & Mastering Justin Luchter at Control Central
Published By Amazing Black Sand adm. Bug Music (except: 1e-Trinity Music & 1c – Leeds Music Corp.)

Barbecues are important. You’ve got your semi-circle and you’ve got your fire. And wouldn’t it be nice if someone had the good sense to plant a completely wired and ready-to-go radio station in the thick of ot. Well, maybe they have….. Steering that pup over swampy Jersey and smearing itself all over big ol’ New York City. Let ’em know what a real barbecue can do.
Just ask ol’ Nick Hill.