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RAINER – The Westwood Sessions Volume I

2007 | Year of Original Release

Rainer - Westwood Sessions Volume I

1. Voodoo Music
2. Mellow Down Easy
3. Wayfaring Stranger
4. Backwater Blues
5. Mush Mind Blues
6. All Done In
7. Fear
8. Just A Little Bit
9. Zealots Serve Dogmas (Acoustic)
10. Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven
11. Zealots Serve Dogmas
12. I Am A Sinner

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Worldwide $22 (CD)

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“these unearthed tapes were recorded in the best studio tucson had to offer at the time and were recently rediscovered and dusted off properly by jim blackwood. and so now, with its scorching tumble, we all get to stumble into celebrating rainer, with this joyous sonic soar that soothes the sorrow of his death 10 years ago. he was my best friend. he was my brother. and he taught without really teaching.”
— howe gelb

OW OM Finished Recorded Products presents Rainer: The Westwood Sessions Volume I. The first of three volumes, we consider these timeless recordings far too precious to be heard by just a lucky handful.

Ten years after his passing, and twenty years after these marathon recording sessions took place, what is captured here is an astounding picture of Rainer in 1987. Self assured, powerful, and brimming with confidence, Rainer is accompanied by his band Das Combo, consisting of bassist Nick Augustine and drummer Bruce Halper. Session producer Eric Westfall also joins in with various instrumental colors.

Presumably, tracks from these sessions were intended as a follow-up to the 1984 album Barefoot Rock with… Rainer And Das Combo, but the tapes were shelved as Rainer moved on in other directions. His next release would not come until 1992 with the purely solo album Worried Spirits.

Taken directly from the original two track master tapes and carefully prepared for their first official release, these recordings are nothing short of stunning.

While there are many highlights to relish here, the closing pieces “Zealots Serve Dogmas” and “I Am A Sinner” (only hinted at on the 1993 album The Texas Tapes) are poised to become the new high water mark of Rainer’s prolific cannon.