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GIANT SAND – The Official Bootleg Series – Volume 1

1997 | Year of Original Release

Giant Sand - The Official Bootleg Series - Volume 1

“We have a sonic vinyard and this is our pick of pluckings that we would serve to our best friends and their complications. It’s good for you too. Enjoy its wobble and subtle bouquet. It can only be a limited edition. We love to bottle our own and it shows, slupper, Howe – Originally released in 1997”

1. No Name Guitars
2. Sled
3. Elevator Music
4. Spit
5. Corridor Of Love
6. Mason Card
7. Hank’s Rap City
8. Less The Lie
9. Scorcher
10. Bed Of Nails
11. Crumb
12. T.W.’s Forgotton Chorus
13. Smokey Joe’s Deep Blue Pancakes

US / Canada $16 (CD)
Worldwide $20 (CD)

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