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KATE MAKI – Confusion Unlimited

2003 | Year of Original Release

“Originally released in 2003”

1. Over
2. Out Back
3. Strangest Dream
4. Many Thanks
5. Mid March Blues
6. To Be Good
7. Home
8. All Things Passed
9. Miles From Nowhere

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Produced by Kate Maki and Dave Draves
Recorded and mixed by Dave Draves at Little Bullhorn
Mastered by Noah Mintz at The Lacquer Channel

Kate Maki (vocals, acoustic guitar, organ, rhodes, wurlitzer, bass, harmonica, piano)
Dave Draves (vocals, bass, organ, tamborine)
Dan Levecque (electric guitar, lap steel)
Jim Bryson (vocals, electric guitar)
Fred Guignion (lap steel, national steel)
Ryan Levecque (electric guitar, banjo)
Sarah Ross (viola, violin)
Keith Snider (banjo)
Stephen Tatone (organ)
Ken Kanwisher (upright bass)
Joff Ward (drums)