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GIANT SAND – Is All Over The Map

2004 | Year of Original Release

Giant Sand - Is All Over The Map (2004)
“Licensed to Thrill Jockey Records. Released in 2004”

1. Classico
2. NYC Of Time
3. Remote
4. Flying Around The Sun At Remarkable Speed
5. Cracklin Water
6. Rag
7. Muss
8. Drab
9. Fool
10. Les Forçats Innocents
11. Napoli
12. Hood (View From A Heidelburg Hotel)
13. A Classico Reprise
14. Anarchistic Bolshevistic Cowboy Bundle
15. Ploy

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Napoli (LIVE)

howe gelb – guitar, pianos + singing
anders pedersen – lapsteel, electric slide mandolin + guitar
thøger t. lund – upright + electrical bass
peter dombernowsky – percussion + druma
john parish – drums, mellotron + national guitar
vic chesnutt – sings (13)
henriette sennenvalt – sings (13)
marie frank – sings (2,5,9,11)
scout niblett – sings (3)
sofie albertsen gelb – sings (2,10)
indiosa patsy jean gelb – sings (14)

Howe Gelb by John Parish
You know sometimes you hear a song for the first time & it clicks so immediately that it’s then impossible to imagine that it hasn’t always existed – “Classico” from the new Giant Sand album is a perfect example. I’ve recorded this song three times in a year – the two versions that bookend Map & a third by Italian legend Nada for her new album, Tutto L’amore Che Mi Manca. Howe’s lyrics on” Classico” and throughout the new record are typically unique, ranging from laugh out loud to painfully poignant, hitting all points bizarre in between. If there were only one person allowed to contribute further to the over-stocked pool of recorded music on this planet it should be Howe Gelb.